Meet Andrea Garwood, the driving force behind All Pro Wraps and a proud mother and "Gigi" to boot. With her family at her heart and the salt air of the beach in her lungs, Andrea is more than just the owner of All Pro Wraps, she's the heart and soul of our family-oriented operation.

Even when she's not working tirelessly to ensure our clients receive top-notch service, Andrea never slows down. A fitness enthusiast, she channels the same energy and determination into her workouts as she does into leading our team.

But what sets Andrea apart is her servant's heart, always ready with a helping hand and a smile. To her, All Pro Wraps isn't just about delivering high-quality wraps and graphics. It's about building a community, a family, that extends to every client who chooses us. With Andrea at the helm, you can rest assured you're in capable and caring hands.

Introducing Keith Garwood, our dedicated President at All Pro Wraps and the proud father and "KK" of a lively family. His love for cars isn't just a hobby, it's a passion that fueled the inception of All Pro Wraps and continues to drive its growth.

When Keith isn't in the office, he can be found soaking up the sun on the beach, navigating the open waters on his boat, or practicing his swing on the golf course. But nothing competes with the joy he finds in spending time with his family - his ultimate inspiration.

Keith's pursuit of excellence doesn't stop at personal endeavors. It permeates every aspect of our business, inspiring us to deliver superior quality wraps and a customer experience second to none. Under Keith's stewardship, All Pro Wraps goes beyond a service - it's a promise of excellence, delivered with the warmth of a family.

Say hello to Hunter Garwood, our dynamic General Manager at All Pro Wraps. A proud father and a true aficionado of the finer things in life, Hunter's zest for cars and golf parallel his dedication to delivering top-tier service to our clients.

Off the clock, Hunter can be found immersing in quality time with his son and cherishing life's moments with his partner, Lauren. His personal life, full of love and laughter, is a reflection of the vibrant energy he brings to our team.

In the business world, Hunter shines as an outstanding sales person, consistently raising the bar of excellence. His infectious enthusiasm for our craft and unrelenting pursuit of perfection resonates through every interaction. With Hunter at the frontlines of our sales, you can expect an experience that's not just exceptional, but personal and full of the All Pro Wraps family spirit.

Meet Tyson Garwood, the extraordinary Shop Manager of All Pro Wraps. A doting father to two and husband to his best friend, Katie, Tyson's world extends beyond the workshop and into the whirlwind of being a #doodledad and fervent car enthusiast.

When not overseeing the smooth operations at our shop, Tyson is often on the move, traveling the country to race BMX with his children. His passion for speed and precision resonates both on the race track and in the meticulous work he accomplishes at All Pro Wraps.

Having honed his skills for over a decade, Tyson isn't just exceptional at his craft – he's a true master. As our shop manager, he eagerly imparts his knowledge and expertise to our team, fostering an environment of excellence. With Tyson leading our shop, every wrap and graphic we produce is not just a service, but a testament to our commitment to unparalleled quality.

Meet Adam, our talented In-House Graphic Designer at All Pro Wraps. A devoted father of two and seasoned professional, Adam brings a decade's worth of industry experience to our team. His artistic flair isn't just confined to the office – Adam has a knack for woodworking and loves to hit the gym, showcasing his creative and disciplined sides.

But there's more to Adam than meets the eye. Did you know that he's an ordained minister? Not only has he given shape to countless designs, but he has also officiated three weddings! 

With Adam's seasoned expertise and diverse skills, our clients can expect captivating designs that don't just meet expectations, but surpass them. As part of the All Pro Wraps family, Adam is another testament to our commitment to delivering the highest quality, infused with a touch of personal charm.

Please meet Greg, our Lead PPF Installer here at All Pro Wraps. Having lent his perfectionist eye and relentless tenacity to our team for three incredible years, Greg is the epitome of dedication. His infectious personality lightens the atmosphere, making him a beloved member of our work family.

Off duty, Greg transitions from ppf to vehicle replicas, indulging in his hobby of building and collecting Lego cars. However, Greg's talents extend beyond his hands-on skills. Believe it or not, this craftsman can also play seven different musical instruments, adding a symphony of uniqueness to his persona.

Greg's passion for precision, coupled with his lively personality and multifaceted talents, are invaluable to our team. His contribution to All Pro Wraps not only raises our standard of service but adds a harmonious note to our work environment. With Greg, expect nothing less than perfection.

Introducing Megan, the radiant beacon of our Commercial Client Relations department at All Pro Wraps. Despite being relatively new to the industry, Megan shines with her remarkable work ethic and commitment to ensuring our commercial clients are always satisfied.

But Megan isn't just a dynamo in the office. She's also a devoted mother and wife, carrying the same dedication she brings to her work into her home. Her beaming smile, much like a lighthouse, guides and brightens every room she steps into, making her a joy for clients and colleagues alike.

While Megan's journey in the industry has just begun, her impact has already been profound. Her infectious positivity and diligent approach bring a breath of fresh air to our team, making her an indispensable part of All Pro Wraps. With Megan handling your needs, expect an experience filled with warmth, efficiency, and smiles galore.

Introducing Chris, our tenacious Commercial Sales Manager at All Pro Wraps. A proud father and husband, Chris brings a unique blend of family values and industry expertise to our team. Fitness enthusiast at heart, Chris is equally committed to maintaining a healthy body and nurturing healthy client relationships.

But there's more to Chris than his role at All Pro Wraps. In his quest to provide for his family, Chris doesn't just excel in one field but two, as he runs a successful screenprinting and embroidery business. This entrepreneurial spirit is what powers his exceptional performance at our company.

When you're dealing with Chris, you're not only tapping into decades of industry experience, but you're also engaging with someone who truly understands the value of hard work. Chris' journey is an inspiration to our team, and his services, a promise of unparalleled quality.