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Vehicle Bug Wraps

“Bug wraps,” also known as “paint protection films,” or “clear bras,” offer a cost-effective way to ensure that your vehicle continues to look “as good as new” for years on end. This highly-durable product helps your car resist scratches, stains, rock chips, and bug acids. You can install your bug wrap over the entire surface of your vehicle to keep it protected.

Many of our bug wrap customers come to us because they’re driving leased vehicles, and they want to be absolutely sure they’re not assessed any charges for damage on the day they return the car. However, you might want a bug wrap to protect that high-end sports car or status vehicle, too.

Our customers have many questions about bug wraps. Here are some of the most common ones.

How Long Will A Bug Wrap Last?

Bug wraps generally last five to ten years. However, different bug wrap products carry different warranties. For example, Scotchguard Paint Protection Film offers a 5-year warranty, while the Scotchguard Paint Protection Pro product not only offers a 7-year warranty, actually has the capability to heal its own scratches. These are “lifetime” warranties, and so are good indicators of how long the product is typically expected to last.

Will A Bug Wrap Harm My Paint Job?

Absolutely not—the whole point is to protect your paint job. However, you want to be careful about who you choose to install and remove your bug wrap when the time comes. Mishaps in the installation and removal process can indeed damage your vehicle, so you want to work with a reputable, certified shop.

How Do I Care For My Bug Wrap?

You can wash your car as normal so long as you wait 24 hours after installation. Just make sure you avoid wax products that use dyes or abrasive polishes. You should also be careful to remove any wax build-up. Beyond basic cleaning and some care in choosing your wax products, however, bug wraps are actually delightfully low-maintenance.

What Is The Advantage Of Getting My Bug Wrap Product From All Pro Wraps?

We are one of the only certified 3M installers in North Carolina. Doing business with us means that you can feel confident that your bug wrap installation will go smoothly, and that your bug wrap will do exactly what it is meant to do. Take a look at our installation page to get a sense of the steps we take to ensure an outstanding installation each and every time we get to work. Finally, we’ll be happy to help you safely remove your bug wrap when the time comes, which means you’ll know that you’re receiving expert care from start to finish.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Just contact us to schedule an appointment and an estimate. We’ll be happy to get your vehicle into our shop quickly so that you can hit the road knowing your paint job is going to look great for years to come.