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Fleet Wraps

Fleet wraps help your business stand out. This product is ideal for any business that spends time working with customers at their own locations or any business that maintains multiple vehicles for its own purposes. We’ve wrapped fleets for roofing companies, ambulances, city buses, delivery trucks, and more.

Fleet wraps communicate your professionalism and make you stand out around town. They serve both to advertise your business and to create a positive impression of your business.

Fleet managers often have several questions about the fleet wrapping product. Here are a few of the most common ones.

What Steps Do You Take To Guarantee Consistent Branding Across The Entire Fleet?

All Pro Wraps designs and prints all of our wraps in house. This means we can save your graphics in our system. Each time you add a new vehicle to your fleet you can bring it in knowing you’ll get the same wrap you did before. You won’t have to worry that we’ll re-invent the wheel, or even that we’ll accidentally create subtle changes from vehicle to vehicle. You also won’t have to pay extra for graphic design: once the work is done, it’s done, period.

Does It Matter If I Have Different Types Of Vehicles In My Fleet?

Not at all! We can design branded wraps for all vehicle shapes and sizes. They’ll maintain a consistent look and feel. For example, one of our clients brands trucks, trailers, and vans. It’s easy to tell that each piece of this customer’s fleet all belongs to the same business.

What Kind Of Return On Investment Can I Expect From Fleet Wrapping?

Fleet wrapping is an amazing advertising opportunity. You’ll typically receive 50,000 impressions each time you get out on the road. If you’re out on the road as a matter of course, this is a phenomenal opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Furthermore, your fleet will be advertising your business wherever it’s parked. If you’re out servicing a customer’s home you’ll be advertising to the entire street the whole time you’re on the job, for example. See our advertising wraps page for some in-depth statistics on how fleet wrapping could benefit your business.

quote left Getting all my vans wrapped by All Pro Wraps has easily doubled, if not tripled my business. I am getting calls while out just driving to the job. quote right

Gerald Nichols, Medical Supplies Drop


How Long Will Each Wrap Last?

Each wrap typically lasts seven to ten years, so long as it is installed properly and cared for properly. Having a reputable, certified installer makes all of the difference in the world.

What Happens When The Wrap Is At The End Of Its Lifespan?

Bring it back to All Pro Wraps. Our professional wrap removal team will get to work, ensuring that the wrap removal process does not damage your vehicle. Then, depending on your instructions, we’ll either replace the wrap or return it to you unmarked so that you may sell the vehicle.

Why Is All Pro Wraps The Right Choice For My Fleet?

Take a tour of our shop to find out. We think you’ll be impressed by the high-tech tools, the clean workshop, and the friendly professionals. The fact that we can handle the entire lifespan of your wrap, from design to removal, also makes us a convenient, sensible choice.

How Do I Get Started?

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