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Food Truck Wraps

A food truck isn’t a food truck if you haven’t taken the time to brand it and make it appealing. Think about it—would you buy a taco, a sandwich, or a bowl of chili from a plain old truck sitting by the side of the road?

Food truck wraps help your customers get past a number of fears. “Will this food taste bad?” “Will this food make me sick?” We do this by using enticing visuals and fun colors to draw people right up to your window, where they can smell your mouthwatering food. You and your smile will handle the rest!

Our food truck customers typically have a few questions about this product. Here are some of the most common ones.

How Do You Approach Food Truck Wrap Design?

First, we believe it needs to be big, bold, and eye catching. Your food truck wrap needs to appeal to customers at a distance. It needs to convey vital information too—the kinds of food that you sell, for example. Appetizing visuals can go a long way towards getting the customer to respond.

Will Your Wraps Really Help Me Get Customers?

Yes! Food trucks receive a great return on investment from their wraps. Food truck wraps legitimize your business. You’ll receive over 50,000 impressions each day just by driving around or parking in a high-traffic area. And unlike other businesses, the nature of your business means that many of your prospective customers will respond immediately.

How Do I Care For A Color Change Wrap?

Food truck wraps typically last seven to ten years. Much depends on the product you choose and on the installation that you receive. That’s why working with a highly reputable installation shop is so important. The way that you care for your wrap matters as well; we’ll take the time to educate you on proper wrap care when you arrive.