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Perforated Graphics

Perforated graphics offer amazing advertising advantages. Turn your storefront windows into an eye-popping display that draws traffic right through your door. You can do all of this without darkening the interior of your office, since the graphics are one way. Customers can’t see inside, but you can see out. Sunlight gets through, and you get eyeballs on your messages!

Think of it this way…right now, your storefront windows represent a great deal of blank space. You’d pay big bucks to add your message to other blank spaces, such as highway billboards or internet websites. Why not use the space you already own and control to good advantage?

We will custom-create your perforated window graphics in-house, then travel to your location to install them for you. This ensures perfect results each and every time.

quote left People used to just walk by my diner and casually look in the window. When I had All Pro Wraps design and put some decal on, now the customers come in and say it made them hungry! quote right

Michael Celevos, The Loco Lunch Truck


How Long Do Perforated Windows Graphics Last?

You can expect perforated window graphics to last between one and two years. Often, this is around the time customers want to change up their advertisements anyway. However, if your window film has become part of your branding and you want to keep the same one you’ll be able to do just that, because our graphic designers will keep your design on file.

Do Perforated Window Graphics Offer Any Other Advantages?

Yes! You can actually save on your energy costs. Perforated window films help to cut down on the heat and glare from the sun. That means you spend less money keeping your building cool, and you protect your belongings from UV damage without sacrificing any of the light.

What’s The Advantage Of Getting My Perforated Window Graphics From All Pro Wraps?

All Pro Wraps has on-site graphic designers who have been specially trained to work with vinyl products. This is important! If you don’t work with someone who knows what they’re doing, for example, then a perforated graphic is likely to look faded and washed out. That’s because the dots of color are not solid—they’re very close together instead. Our technicians use our knowledge of vinyl coloring to prevent this problem. We’ll also educate you on all of your vinyl options. All vinyl types are not created equal, and it’s important that we match the vinyl product to your long-term needs.

How Big Do My Windows Have To Be?

We can work with windows of any size! We custom-create each graphic, so using your window’s precise dimensions is just another part of the job.

Are Frosted Window Graphics Available?

Absolutely. We can create a frosted window graphic of your logo, of a geometric design, or anything else you might wish. Many corporate and government offices prefer to go with the frosted designs, since they offer a branding solution for buildings that don’t necessarily rely on customer foot traffic.

How Do I Get Started?

Just contact us to order your new perforated vinyl window graphics today.