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When you wrap your entire fleet, you’re not just advertising. You’re conveying that your company is the trustworthy, professional choice. You’re building positive feelings and name recognition whenever people see your fleet out on the town. You’re building a framework for repeat business because you’re demonstrating that you’re a serious, stable company who deserves to get the call.

Our fleet wrapping services are ideal for:

  • Window Films
  • Building Wraps
  • Wall Murals & Banners
You can feel confident that every wrap will be consistent, which is exactly what you want when you decide to wrap an entire fleet. Our commitment to quality ensures true professionalism for each and every car, truck, or van in your inventory.

Enjoy A

Phenomenal Return on Investment

Imagine multiplying the benefits of advertising wraps three, ten, or twenty-fold. For example, if you wrap three vehicles, 50,000 impressions will become 150,000 impressions. All of those impressions are happening while your team is out and about, doing the same great work it does every single day. Furthermore, when you wrap your fleet you’ll always know you’re reaching out to the right audience…your local service area right here in North Carolina, the place where your sure-fire leads are coming from.

The alternative is to seek an individual paint job for each and every vehicle in the fleet. This is far more expensive than fleet wrapping. Furthermore, you’d have to repaint any vehicle in your fleet before offering it up for resale. With fleet wrapping you can just have the vinyl removed. You’ll have protected the underlying paint job from dings, scratches, and road debris, which means the vehicle will look beautiful and brand new, ensuring you get more out of the sale of your asset. And even if vehicles in your fleet get older, our fleet wrapping services ensure they’ll always look good as new while they’re out on the highway.

Think of it this way…without branding, a fleet just isn’t a fleet. It’s just a collection of vehicles. Would you trust a company that sent a plain, unmarked vehicle to your door? Or would you prefer to work with a company that rolls up in a bright, beautiful branded van, truck, or delivery car each and every time? Branded fleets tell your customers they are working with the real deal. Why wouldn’t you embrace this kind of competitive edge?

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