Vehicle wraps is a way of marketing a brand and its products by partially or completely covering a vehicle in a specifically designed advertisement creating a mobile billboard. While the initial concept involved the painting the outer surface of the vehicle’s body, today, the use of Vinyl sheets is much more common. However, there’s still considerable debate about the Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint. Here are out two cents.

Economic Feasibility

The digitally designed and printed vehicle decals are considerably more economical an investment as compared to a custom paint job for marketing purposes. What’s more is that they have greater longevity depending on the quality of vinyl sheets used for the wraps themselves. Paints not only cost more, but are also far likely to require re-touches sooner than expected all thanks to influence of weather and other natural elements. The re-touch ups end up costing more than the original price of the paint design in the first place, eventually requiring ultimate replacement.

Time Duration

Businesses often opt for vehicle wraps as a means of mobile marketing or advertising for their brand in order to create awareness. Hence they require the vehicle to be up and running, ready to use as soon as possible; especially in cases where it’s the only means of transportation available for business purposes. Custom paint job, including the design and execution of it require a considerable amount of time. It’s a minimum of few weeks before the vehicle becomes available for use again to the business owner which can not only hamper proper business operations, it can also result in considerable losses for the enterprise. Vehicle wraps on the other hand require less than 3 to 5 working days from start to finish to completely transforming your vehicle.

Vehicle Preservation and Resale Value

Vehicle wraps preserve the original conditions of the car and paint. If the advertisement decals are safely removed within the defined window of use of the vehicle wraps, the wrapper/remover is able to maintain the integrity of the original paint of a vehicle which helps considerably in maintaining the vehicles resale value intact. A custom paint job takes away the option of retaining the original factory paint of the vehicle, severely damaging the chances of a profitable resale.

Ease of Protection and Maintenance

Vehicle wraps, as compared to custom paint jobs, are far easier to maintain and protect. What’s more, the vinyl decals are providing protection to the original factory of your car from the natural elements and hazards further prolonging its functional life. While custom paint jobs require constant vehicle waxing to keep them looking bright and fresh, all the vehicle wraps require is a good wash with soap and water to make it look bright and new all over again. What’s more, there are also ceramic coating and detail sprays available that make the task even easier.