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Vehicle wraps offer a cost-effective way to change the look of your car, truck, van, or trailer. Companies use them for advertising. Car-lovers use them to change up their vehicles, enjoying bold new colors or custom-made design. Teams, non-profit groups and churches use them to personalize their vans, trailers, buses, and RVs.

Our customers run the gamut. We’ve created vehicle wraps for city bus fleets, local companies, blood drive vans, and more. When you wrap your vehicle, you’re only limited by your imagination.

We know that customers have many questions about our vehicle wrap products! Here are some answers to our most common product questions.

Absolutely not! If your vehicle wrap is removed correctly at the end of its lifespan your paint job should look just as good as it did on the day you brought it into our shop. In fact, vehicle wraps can actually protect your vehicle from scratches, road debris damage, and bug acids.
No. In fact, that’s one of the advantages of choosing All Pro Wraps to install your vehicle wrapping product. We have an in-house design team. Each of our designers is trained to design wraps specifically for vehicles, so the wrap is guaranteed to fit and represents a true custom job. Come with a few ideas or just a description of what you need to accomplish. We’ll handle the rest.
Vehicle wraps should last 7 to 10 years when installed by a reputable, certified shop. If you have ever had a vehicle wrap that started to crack, peel, bubble or fade after just a few years then you were most likely the victim of a shop that didn’t really take the time to do it right.
Hand wash your wrap at least once a week. The team here at All Pro can recommend some good “wrap friendly” cleaners, such as Simple Green. If you’re in a hurry and want to take it to an automatic car wash, choose a brushless one. We also recommend using isopropyl alcohol to spot-clean as necessary. Finally, for best results you should avoid letting your vehicle sit in direct sunlight too long. It’s best to park in a garage or in a well-shaded area.
We’re one of the only certified 3M installers in the State of North Carolina. We design, print, and install your vehicle wrap in-house. We take immense pride in our work, and we put the customer first. We’re also happy to educate you about your vehicle wrap, both before the purchase when it’s time to choose your options, and after the purchase.
Just contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll talk about your needs, the design, and the vehicle wrap installation schedule. We’ll answer any other questions you may have, teach you about the different vehicle wrap brands and types, and offer some suggestions on which option might be right for you