Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint

Vehicle wraps is a way of marketing a brand and its products by partially or completely covering a vehicle in a specifically designed advertisement creating a mobile billboard. While the initial concept involved the painting the outer surface of the vehicle’s body, today, the use of Vinyl sheets is much more common. However, there’s still [...]

Importance of Advertisement for Business Growth

As business owners, we’ve heard, all too often that marketing and advertising are essential components for profitability and growth. Everyone claims that the core of a successful business is a thriving marketing strategy incorporating advertisements in a clever and selective manner. That’s not all though. Corporations and business everywhere, regardless of size, spend thousands of [...]

Vehicle Wrapping and It’s Advantages

Vehicle wraps is an increasingly popular phenomenon used nowadays. More and more businesses are opting to get their cars wrapped. But what exactly is a vehicle wrap and what are its advantages? Simply put, a vehicle wrap is a digitally printed casing made from a heavy-duty vinyl that is professionally installed on the entirety or [...]