Just as an artist sees a canvas in a blank sheet of paper, our seasoned installers see a realm of possibilities in every vehicle that comes to us. Your car is more than just steel and rubber, it's an extension of your personality, and we are dedicated to reflecting that. We're not just providing a service, but offering an unmatched experience, crafted meticulously by our elite team with unmatched attention to detail. We're more than excited to reveal this service to you, our extended family, and help you transform your vehicle into a masterpiece. As the #1 choice in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas for color change vehicle wraps, we promise to exceed your expectations. Keep an eye on us; we are committed to delivering the exceptional, every time. We appreciate your enduring support and can't wait to work with you on your vehicle transformation project.





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How long does a color change wrap last?
A color change wrap can last 10+ years depending on vehicle use and care. However, those who are rougher on their vehicles might need to replace their wrap in 2-5 years.

Will a color change wrap damage my paint?
No, a color change wrap will not damage your vehicle's paint. In fact, it can help hide existing defects and imperfections in your vehicle's paint.

How much does a color change wrap cost?
The cost of a color change wrap varies greatly based on different coverage options and the overall difficulty of the installation. For the most accurate pricing, it's best to reach out for a complimentary quote.

Are color change wraps self-healing?
Yes, the heat activates the self-healing properties in the wrap's top coat. This process helps eliminate light swirls or scratches. However, proper care of your vehicle is still important to prolong the life of the wrap.

What is the best brand for color change wraps?
The best brand for color change wraps depends on various factors such as your budget, the specific color or finish you're looking for, and the brand's reputation for quality and durability.

Can a color change wrap be removed?
Yes, a color change wrap can be safely removed by a professional without damaging the vehicle's paintwork.

Does a color change wrap affect the original color of my vehicle?
No, a color change wrap is designed to be applied over your vehicle's original paint, changing its color without affecting the original paint underneath.

How long does it take to install a color change wrap?
Installation time for a color change wrap is dependent upon the scope of the project and current schedule availability. A full wrap on a vehicle may require it to be left with us for at least 3-6 days.

Can a color change wrap protect my vehicle's paint?
Yes, a color change wrap acts as a protective layer over your vehicle's original paint, helping to protect it from scratches, chips, and other minor damage.

Can any vehicle have a color change wrap?
Yes, color change wraps can be applied to a wide range of vehicles, both new and used. It's an effective way to change the color of your vehicle without a permanent commitment.