For over three decades, we've upheld our business on pillars of dedication, precision, and a commitment to excellence. These principles shine brightly in our premium Paint Correction services, a testament to our ceaseless drive to provide top-tier solutions for our cherished clientele. Our elite, seasoned professionals - masters of their craft - dedicate themselves to this precise process, ensuring we remain the #1 choice in Raleigh, NC for paint correction. This isn't just a treatment, but a transformation. Employing state-of-the-art ceramic coating technology, we've turned vehicle protection into an art form. This nanoscopic treatment is applied in liquid form, but soon cures to form an indomitable layer over your vehicle's paintwork. It's more than just protection – it's an elegant fusion of aesthetic beauty and durable functionality, preserving your vehicle's radiance for years to come. Our commitment? To empower your every drive with confidence and style. Because at AllPro, extraordinary is our standard. Explore our current services and meet the team behind this exquisite craftmanship. Remember, with AllPro, the best journey is always the one ahead.

What is paint correction?
Paint correction is the process of removing minor scratches and imperfections found in the vehicle's clear coat. This process uses an electric polisher to restore the car's paint to its original condition.

What is ceramic coating?
Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent or permanent (depending on the type) of coating that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect against external paint damage. It is a nanoscopic paint treatment that's applied in liquid form, but cures to form a hard layer over your vehicle's paint.

How long does paint correction and ceramic coating last?
Paint correction and ceramic coating can last 10+ years depending on vehicle use and care. People who are more rough on their vehicles will likely get a lifespan of 2-5 years out of their coating before seeking to have it replaced.

Will paint correction or ceramic coating damage my paint?
No, neither paint correction nor ceramic coating will damage your vehicle's paint. In fact, they can help hide existing defects and imperfections in your vehicle's paint.

How much does paint correction and ceramic coating cost?
The cost of paint correction and ceramic coating varies greatly based on different coverage options available and the overall difficulty of the process. For the most accurate pricing, please reach out to us for a complimentary quote for your vehicle.

How long does it take to apply paint correction and ceramic coating?
The time to apply paint correction and ceramic coating is completely dependent upon the scope of the project and current schedule availability. You should plan to leave your vehicle with us for at least 3-6 days depending on your vehicle and difficulty of the process.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating?
Ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic layer that essentially repels water, meaning mineral deposits and dirt have less opportunity to damage your vehicle's paint. It also provides an oxide layer to your vehicle's surface, protecting it from external paint damage.

What are the disadvantages of ceramic coating?
Disadvantages of ceramic coating include the potential for scratches and water spots, high costs, and the need for professional installation.

Can paint correction and ceramic coating be removed?
Yes, paint correction and ceramic coating can be safely removed by a professional without damaging the vehicle's paintwork.

What is the difference between paint correction and ceramic coating?
Paint correction is a process that aims to restore the car's paint to its original condition by removing imperfections, while ceramic coating is a protective layer that helps to prevent new damage from occurring.